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SwyxWare is an award-winning, software based unified business communication solution that is designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses. SwyxWare allows employees to be more productive and enables you to handle calls with prospects, customers and partners more efficiently and professionally.
SwyxWare has a full range of PBX telephony features such as conferencing, call routing, call recording and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration). To ensure maximum flexibility for your employees there is wide choice of IP phones, SIP phones, soft-phones, USB handsets and headsets. SwyxWare fully support home and mobile workers.
SwyxWare is easy to use and, because it runs on an industry standard platform, easier to implement and integrate into existing business applications than traditional telephony system. In fact new users can be added and making/taking calls within minutes, without the pain for new wiring or the pain of hardware upgrades. SwyxWare provides you with a future proofed solution that can be easily upgraded and/or extended via software licences.
Furthermore branch offices can be fully integrated with your business communications, through the use of SwyxConnect and SwyxLink, thereby internalising branch offices over existing VPN links.
Key Benefits:
  • Full IP telephony functionality providing calling cost efficiencies and business communication improvement.
  • Software based product that will grow with your business.
  • Employee efficiencies - via unified messaging, presence information and a wide range of feature rich applications.
  • Customer satisfaction - simple and sophisticated call routing rules that are easy to set up make it easier for customers to contact you.
  • Easy integration into existing business applications.
Shiva have been a Swyx partner since March 2005, our apporach is to integrate Swyx into your existing business systems. As part of our fully managed installation process, we manage liaising with existing providers and system providers to ensure a smooth hassle free installation. All solutions are backed by a professional team that provide proactive support, monitoring and maintenance.
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Last Updated ( Saturday, 03 May 2008 )