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Shiva MailGuard blocks 99% of spam "out of the box" for most customers. Infact it's accuracy is closer to 99.5% or 199 out 200 spam email.


MailGuard is exceptionally accurate, passing 99.999% of legitimate email. It will not block legitimate newsletters, eg. mortgage offers from your bank which you have subscribed to, that are often blocked by other anti-spam solutions. MailGuard is completely database driven, updated every 5 minutes, stopping the latest spam campaigns. Our "honeypots" harvest millions of spams per day and our tools and 24/7 staff ensure up-to-the-minute accuracy. MailGuard does not filter on "trigger" words or weighted heuristics. MailGuard does not block on simple "Open Relay Databases". Therefore is suitable for any organisation, even medical or legal. MailGuard is highly effective at blocking offensive language, images and Phishing scams.


MailGuard together with Shiva's web hosting solutions can increase email security and eliminate spam and typically adds a less than one second time delay to you email traffic.


Reducing spam increases productivity and morale. By industry estimates, each employee spends over an hour a month just deleting spam; many are also deeply offended by its content. Reducing spam is increasingly important as employees receive email on remote notebooks and PDAs.


MailGuard includes anti-virus scanning of all email traffic, configurable attachment filtering and email spooling in the event you mailserver is offline.


Key benefits of Shiva MailGuard service:

  • Blocks 99% of spam "out the box"
  • Highly effective database driven filtering
  • "honeypots" harvesting millions of spams per day, with tools and 24/7 staff updating filtering systems
  • Effective blocking of offensive language, images and phising scams.
  • Virtually no email delay - typically less than 1 second
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Free up internet connection bandwidth - all email traffic is no clean and legitimate
  • Free up server resources - all email traffic is cleaned and checked before hitting your server
  • Added layer of defence for existing inhouse utilities


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Last Updated ( Saturday, 03 January 2009 )