Network Design & Support

In a converging technology world, having a stable, reliable and up-to-date data network infrastructure is a core building block for any business. The network infrastructure must meet the needs of your business applications and business needs today and grow with you in the future, providing employees with the correct tools.


Let Shiva Technology act as your IT department


The Shiva Team have many years experience analysing, designing, installing and supporting network infrastructure to suit your business. We can:

  • Audit and analyse your current system, to find performance bottlenecks and security flaws.
  • Design and install stable, secure and reliable Microsoft Client-Server data networks for single site and multi-site organisations.
  • Provide remote homeworking and mobile working solutions.
  • Provide Proactive monitoring, support and maintenance of the whole IT Infrastructure.
  • Supply, install and configure hardware, software and peripherals.

Proactive not Reactive Support


As IT systems become more complex and critical to a business, we believe prevention is better than cure, hence our approach to network and IT support is to be proactive. Systems are monitored to ensure optimum performance, not only monitoring for hardware faults and disk space, but ensuring software is kept up-to-date with the latest security updates and patches, ensuring adequate data backup. We provide full day-to-day administration of your IT systems, including liasing with third-party application providers, therefore taking the hassle out of IT.


Should the unfortunate happen, Shiva will respond and resolve issues quickly whether remotely or onsite callout, with the aim of minimising downtime for your business.


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Last Updated ( Monday, 05 May 2008 )